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Products By Suppliers

Supplier - Various

A- BRF and JBS products
Description: Chicken Cuts
NCM/SH: 0207.14.00
Quantity offered: More than 100 containers/month

B - ICUMSA 45 Sugar
NCM/SH: 1701.99.00
Quantity offered: variable

C - NCM/SH: Multiple suppliers and unlimited quantity
Grains: soybeans, corn, beans and others

D - NCM/SH: 8714.20
Description: Wheelchairs
Quantity offered: 1000 units/month

E – NCM/SH: 9022.13:
- Dental tools
- Automotive tools: drills and measuring machines

- NCM/SH: 9406.10 Wooden houses and 9406.90 wooden houses

D - NCM/SH: 9619.00

Quantity offered: 10 40ft containers/month

- NCM/SH 2.106.90 - processed foods: breads, cakes,
lactose-free, gluten-free and allergy-free products in general,
products for vegans and lactose-free, for allergy sufferers in general.

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